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About Us

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by! I am Tamra Millikan, mom, educator, entrepreneur, dog mom, life lover, and travel seeker. I set the stage for CEO moms, helping you realize your potential and harmonize your life. Rockstar Mompreneurs is a one-stop shop where business syncs flawlessly with the pleasure of parenthood. Whether it’s supervising homework or updating a homepage, you will kick butt, take names, and amplify your possibilities.

You don’t need to choose between your company, your kids, and your sanity; you can do it all and have energy for an encore. Rockstar Mompreneurs is focused on giving you more hours with your family, more profitable income streams, and more free time for yourself.

How Rockstar Mompreneurs Came to Be

For as long as I can remember, multitasking has been my jam. I put myself through college and worked in corporate America where I won most every sales award possible. Eventually, I traded in my high heels for highchairs, and became a stay-at-home mom to five groupies known as my children. Crowning myself CEO of the house, I always knew when our kids got older, I’d build a business of my own.

I’m a small town girl obsessed with chocolate, coffee, and anything tech that makes life easier. I should probably mention my husband’s famous margaritas, too: they complete me. But, at my root, I’m a mother who gets it – the highs, the lows, the triumphs, the failures, the perpetual idea that you’re not doing enough, the guilt when you’re doing too much.

That’s how Rockstar Mompreneurs came to be. It was born out of passion and dexterity – my friends frequently asked how I juggled so many different balls in the air. From this, I realized I love helping fellow mothers do the same.

I strive to show my clients how to find ways to get more done in less time and with less stress. I aim to unleash your inner rockstar and help you live a life worthy of the standing ovation you deserve.

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